Stanford Law School Identity Wall

An interpretive feature, opened May 2011, on the
Stanford Law School campus offers a window into the
personality of the law school community with an interplay
of questions and answers collected from students, alumni,
faculty and staff.

Super wide digital displays present a portrait in words of the law school community.  Photo: Tommy Matthews

Changing colors work in tandem with the physical pattern of displays to create a dynamic visual rhythm.
Photo: Tommy Matthews

The arrangement of displays in the identity wall relates to a pattern used elsewhere in the building, as seen in the staggered openings in this trellis.  Photo: Tommy Matthews


Mockup for design presentation made use of natural light to simulate glowing screens.

Excerpted slides from design presentation showing the color palette's origin in the surrounding campus.

Storyboards illustrating pacing through the course of one day (left) and concept for
semi-random color usage (right).